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Charles Perry, Grassroots Candidate for SD28 Senate

 Seat Vacated by Robert Duncan

State Senator Robert Duncan’s resignation provides an excellent opportunity for the election of a conservative successor in SD 28.  Duncan had a dismal record and was one of the most liberal members in the senate.

 Charles Perry may well be that candidate.  Perry has very good conservative record as a state representative and has demonstrated courage and principle over political advantage.

 Opposed Liberal Speaker Joe Straus

Chad Hasty, CFYO Talk Radio stated that “There is no arguing that [Perry] is conservative and he sticks to his guns. Perry didn’t support Rep. Joe Straus even when he knew that Straus was going to survive as Speaker.”

 Perry was supported by Accountability First PAC, a political action committee targeting Joe Straus and his inner circle. 

 Powerful Endorsements

 Perry was endorsed by both Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and Young Conservatives of Texas in the recent Republican Primary for state representative.   Michael Quinn Sullivan, president of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, stated that “Charles Perry proved himself to be a strong, commonsense conservative who put the needs of his constituents ahead of the special interests in Austin.  Vote after vote, issue after issue, Charles Perry could be counted on to do what was best for his constituents, the people of Texas, and future of the state’s economy.”  Perry earned the “Taxpayer Champion Award” for his rating on the Fiscal Responsibility Index, which examines legislators recorded votes during the legislative session.  Jeff Morris, Young Conservatives of Texas State Chairman, added: “Charles Perry kept his campaign promises, including fighting waste and fraud in Medicaid and helping to pass a Voter ID law.”

 Perry’s Defeat of Long Term Establishment RINO Delwin Jones

 Perry ran a grassroots campaign for state representative as a tea party conservative in 2010 to soundly defeat the long term establishment RINO Delwin Jones.  Jones largely relied on Joe Straus and the Austin lobby for his campaign.  Rep. Jones was one of the 11 Republicans who joined with 65 Democrats in 2009 to topple the previous speaker and install Joe Straus. (Source:  Empower Texans)

Perry’s Background

 Perry was born in Abilene.   In 1984, he completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from Texas Tech University and has since worked in that field. Perry is affiliated with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts, and the National Association of Securities Dealers.

 Competing Candidates for the SD 28 Senate Seat

 Two other candidates have also announced that they will be entering the race for the SD 28 open senate seat:  Greg Wortham, founder of the West Texas Wind Energy Clearinghouse and former Bush advisor, Jodey Arrington.

 Greg Wortham

 Wortham has the praise of the Sierra Club for standing up to tea party conservatives.  They call Wortham “The Mayor of Wind.” They state on their website that “The Tea Party and the Koch brothers are trying to end Texas's wind energy boom. They didn't reckon with Greg Wortham.”    Included in the article is that “Wortham is not done with Tea Party politicians: 'We have a state comptroller, Susan Combs, who said wind produced only 500 to 800 jobs in Texas and that wind jobs are like unicorns,' Wortham says. 'They can't tell the truth.'"

Jodey Arrington

 Jodey Arrington stated in a news release that “I have the utmost respect for Sen. Duncan and feel it’s important that the people of District 28 continue to be represented by someone who shares their West Texas roots. . .”  (Amarillo Globe News 7/9/14)  This statement is disturbing!   Considering the following by Michael Quinn Sullivan, President of  Empower Texas:

 “During his time in Austin, Sen. Duncan amassed a truly RINO-like legislative rating according to the Young Conservatives of Texas, earning a lifetime rating of 54 on their scorecard.” “His recent grades on the Fiscal Responsibility Index have not been any better. Sen. Duncan has failed every Index since its inception in 2007, with the exception of 2011 when he earned a C-. In 2013, Duncan scored a 48.8 out of 100, the lowest of any Senate Republican, putting him lower than three Democrats and only five points higher than Democratic Senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.”

 Does Arrington’s statement indicate that he will emulate Duncan if elected????



State Rep. Scott Turner Wins Big in Straw Poll for Speaker of the Texas House - Straus the Big Loser!

At the June 5-7 Texas Republican Convention, Empower Texans and the Life, Liberty & Property Coalition hosted a straw poll asking the thousands of delegates, alternates and attendees who they would select as the next speaker of the Texas House.  Here are the results:

Joe Straus (Incumbent)  -   6.6%

Scott Turner (Challenger)  -  91.5%

Others -  1.9%

Source:  Michael Quinn Sullivan, Empower Texans, 6/9/14

The battle over Texas  

Now is the time to get Joe Straus out 

By Dr. Kyle Scott, Red State, 6/25/14

Texas Representative Scott Turner is making his way around Texas, taking his conservative message directly to the people, to explain why he, and not Joe Straus, should be Speaker in the Texas House of Representatives. The message is simple: without a conservative

Speaker there will be no conservative legislation. Conservative leadership in the House is required if Texas wants conservative solutions to the challenges that lie ahead. The Lt. Governor and the Governor are powerful positions in the Texas state government, but without a conservative Speaker in the House, Texans will have to brace themselves for continued excessive spending and a liberal social agenda.

With Dan Patrick as Lt. Governor and Greg Abbott in the Governor's seat, Scott Turner would complete the conservative triumvirate that Texas needs to properly navigate next session and beyond.

The Speaker is not elected by the people of Texas but by the members of the House. So the best way to get Straus out of the Speakership is to put pressure on those representatives. And, if they don't do it, elect someone who will. As the old adage goes: we will never change our leaders until we change the people who elect them. Texas needs Rep. Scott Turner as our next Speaker of the House.

(Excerpts:  Read more at Red State

We Need to Band Together to Stop the Invasion of Illegal Aliens from Coming into Our Country

by Terry M. Campbell, PE, ASME, BSEE, MSCS. Past President, San Angelo Tea Party

Let me begin by stating that the Tom Green County Commissioners Court made the correct decision in approving a resolution not allowing illegal invaders to be shipped here by the misguided, dysfunctional federal government.

One of our local exposures is that the San Angelo Coliseum is a designated NATURAL disaster shelter.  The flood of illegal invaders is not a natural disaster, it is a man-made crisis generated by the attitude of the current executive branch of our federal government by not enforcing the existing immigration laws and blocking entry or immediately deporting all illegal invaders.  Tom Green County operates under the regulations of the state of Texas and if Tom Green County is required (unfunded mandate) to care for illegal invaders, what is the cost?  Where will the money come from?

To calculate the cost so the county can budget, we need to know the cost of feeding, housing (space, electric, a/c, taxes, insurance, etc), medical exam, vaccination for the unvaccinated, general medical care, immigration attorneys, court proceedings, transportation back to country of origin; all this multiplied by the number of illegal invaders and the length of time.   This cost could easily expand to multiples of tens of millions of dollars.  On short notice it is virtually impossible to estimate the actual cost that the county tax payers will be required to cover.  The cost to the community is a lot more than just this.  The loss of revenue due to the unavailability of the Coliseum for normal use, the impact to our Schools, language problems, increased crime rate, burden of law enforcement, and increased use of water is just a few of the other effects.  Something else to consider, within 3 hours we could have busloads of these invaders arriving from our southern border.

All county expenses must be budgeted a year in advanced.  The Tom Green County Commissioners Court is currently working on next year’s physical budget.  The normal non-mandated budgeted items, Library, jailers, county roads, and sheriff deputies are the only areas that can be reduced or eliminated, if they have to budget for the care of illegal invaders it is quite obvious that property taxes will have to be raised.  The extortion of Tom Green County tax payers will be caused by the total lack of common sense on the part of the federal government, if we are mandated to accept these invaders into our county.  One thing to keep in mind is one cent per $100 property value of county property taxes is equivalent to only $500,000 of revenue/year.  (Each $10 million is equivalent to 20 cents per $100 property value; this would be an increase of over $200 for a $100,000 home)

Bringing this flood of illegal invaders (the liberal news media and the progressive D.C. crowd always say “we’re doing it for the children?”) into quiet, middle-class communities to destroy their neighborhoods, schools and budgets is all part of Obama’s plan to overwhelm the small conservative cities and counties and devastate the rest of the middle class.  Questions: Why are they sending this needy horde of illegal invaders to destroy middle-class neighborhoods?  Why are they being sent mostly to conservative states?  Why is it presented that they are mostly “innocent minors (under 12)” when there is a large percentage gangbangers, hardened criminals, drug dealers, human traffickers, drug addicts, and murderers that are crossing our southern border?

But, the plan of this dysfunctional federal government (Barack Obama and his ilk), who wants our good-hearted Christian Nation to see only women, children and families begging for help.   They want the illegal invaders to appear in the worst possible shape from their long journey (about 1,500 miles unassisted???) through Mexico from Central America — they contently report and show the few with viral pneumonia, upper-respiratory infections, drug resistant tuberculosis, impetigo, influenza, measles, chicken pox, strep throat, lice, scabies, communicable disease, dehydrated, starving, injured and in such terrible shape our hearts break so that we agree to accept them.  This is not by accident it is a purposeful plan right out of the Richard Cloward-Frances Fox Piven socialist playbook.  Also the United Nations is pushing the idea of granting refugee status to all of these illegal alien invaders.  Ever since we began hearing the terms “migrants” and “refugees,” as opposed to “illegal aliens”, “illegal immigrants” we should have realized what was coming.

The Constitution of the United States very clearly states in Article 4, Section 4, it is the federal government’s responsibility to defend us from a foreign invasion.  Obama’s earlier directive on immigration that deferred deportation for some illegal aliens is the primary cause of this invasion.  This plan is part of liberal/progressive (Obama’s) agenda to purposely create a crisis, hoping to force us to overreact and not only agree to help these new arrivals, but to grant amnesty for over 12 million other illegal aliens already here.   Their end goal is hoping that this action will change the demographics and simply create more government dependent voters.

The last thing we should do now is support any form of amnesty (code word – “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”).  Are we that stupid?  That message would result in millions more poverty-stricken, illegal alien invaders coming.  It’s time to counter these liberal, progressive, socialist, elite hypocrites.  The answer is so simple: take the required action to totally secure our southern border and then send them all back.

In closing I congratulate Tom Green County Commissioners Court in taking a stand to protect the tax payers and local children of Tom Green County!  Thank you.

The San Angelo Tea Party is a victim of the “obviously deliberate and targeted abuse, harassment and attempted suppression”1 by the IRS along with other conservative, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-Israel and Christian groups that are opposed to the Obama agenda.

The IRS has violated Free Speech Rights (1st Amendment), Equal Protection Rights (14th Amendment) and Privacy Rights (4th Amendment) in response to applications by these groups for classification as non-profit tax exempt organizations under section 501(c)(4) of the IRS code.

Our application was submitted to the IRS in March of 2010 along with the $400 fee.   We received a letter in response from the IRS dated January 12, 2012 asking for more information before they could “complete consideration” of our application.  Click here  to read the burdensome, aggressive and invasive IRS letter.   Please note the following:

1.  We were only given about two weeks after receipt of the letter to provide a response or the IRS “will close your case.” And if the information is received after the due date, “we may ask you to send us a new application.”  This is after the IRS taking about 21 months to respond to our application.  

2.  Note that all the information provided will be made available for public inspection (including the personal information demanded.)

The San Angelo Tea Party was indirectly denied tax-exempt status, even though qualified, by the IRS requiring information so onerous, laborious and invasive that it was difficult to impossible to provide.  The tea party did not continue to pursue the application for these reasons.   

1Words of Peggy Noonan, This is No Ordinary Scandal, The Wall Street Journal, May 18-19, 2013

Next Meeting Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

West Texas Training Center (Howard College)

3501 N. US Highway 67, San Angelo 76905

Speaker:  Ralph Lang -  Texas Border Volunteers

Topic:       The adverse impact that illegal immigration is having

                  on Brooks County specifically and the State of Texas

                  in general

Lang is a field leader with the Texas Border Volunteers.  

He has a degree in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.  He resides in Midland, TX.