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West Texans for Constitutionally-Limited Government

Next Meeting Tuesday, November 11, 2014, 6:30 PM

West Texas Training Center (Howard College)

3501 N. US Highway 67, San Angelo 76905

Speaker:  Teresa Beckmeyer 

Topic:       Texas Government 101 - Things You Need  to Know to Produce Positive                    Results During the Legislative Session. 

Teresa’s presentation will cover the structure of our state government, the process a bill goes through to become law and what constituents can do to influence legislation.

There will be no meeting on November 25

Please join us.  Unless otherwise noted, our meetings are held starting at 6:30 PM on

the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the West Texas Training Center (Howard College),  

3501 N. US Highway 67, San Angelo 76905

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national debt

Scott Turner will be Speaking at our

Meeting on December 9th

The battle over Texas  

Now is the time to get Joe Straus out 

By Dr. Kyle Scott, Red State, 6/25/14

Texas Representative Scott Turner is making his way around Texas, taking his conservative message directly to the people, to explain why he, and not Joe Straus, should be Speaker in the Texas House of Representatives. The message is simple: without a conservative

Speaker there will be no conservative legislation. Conservative leadership in the House is required if Texas wants conservative solutions to the challenges that lie ahead. The Lt. Governor and the Governor are powerful positions in the Texas state government, but without a conservative Speaker in the House, Texans will have to brace themselves for continued excessive spending and a liberal social agenda.

With Dan Patrick as Lt. Governor and Greg Abbott in the Governor's seat, Scott Turner would complete the conservative triumvirate that Texas needs to properly navigate next session and beyond.

The Speaker is not elected by the people of Texas but by the members of the House. So the best way to get Straus out of the Speakership is to put pressure on those representatives. And, if they don't do it, elect someone who will. As the old adage goes: we will never change our leaders until we change the people who elect them. Texas needs Rep. Scott Turner as our next Speaker of the House.

(Excerpts:  Read more at Red State

State Rep. Scott Turner Wins Big in Straw Poll for Speaker of the Texas House - Straus the Big Loser!

At the June 5-7 Texas Republican Convention, Empower Texans and the Life, Liberty & Property Coalition hosted a straw poll asking the thousands of delegates, alternates and attendees who they would select as the next speaker of the Texas House.  Here are the results:

Joe Straus (Incumbent)  -   6.6%

Scott Turner (Challenger)  -  91.5%

Others -  1.9%

Source:  Michael Quinn Sullivan, Empower Texans, 6/9/14



•  Start inviting others to the meeting

•  Contact Rep. Darby – Ask him to vote

  for Scott Turner for Speaker of the

 Texas House of Representatives

•  Replacing Joe Straus as Speaker is     crucial for the  conservative agenda to     move forward  

David Currie, Chairman of the Tom Green County Democrat Party Praises Rep. Drew Darby and Would Vote for Him over a Democrat

 David Currie, the new Tom Green Democrat County Chair states that  ". . . I will vote for state Rep. Drew Darby every time he is on the ballot even if a Democrat runs against him because he is one of the finest elected officials I have ever known. He truly works at trying to solve the issues facing our state and community and does it with wisdom, class and integrity."  (Source:  David Currie, Guest Columnist, the San Angelo Standard-Times, October 19, 2014, p. 4A)

 This is not surprising as Drew Darby's record was worse than that of Wendy Davis during the last legislative session.  Wendy had a score of 43.6 on the Empower Texans Fiscal Responsibility Index whereas Darby had a score of 35.7.  (See Worse than Wendy by Morgan Williamson,, 2/8/14)

 Also, Darby has been a consistent and strong supporter of the Democrat supported Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus. "Joe Straus successfully won the speakership first in 2009 when he and ten other Republicans, known as the “Gang of 11”, banded together with [all 65] Democrats to oust Tom Craddick. Since taking over, Straus has consistently ranked among the most liberal Republicans in the House, and as long as he holds the speakership, only liberal legislation will get through. Representatives who want the choicest committee assignments require the Speaker’s favor, which means backing his legislation."  (Quote from The Battle over Texas by Prof. Kyle Scott,, 6/25/14).  

 Straus has received 100% of the vote of Democrat Representatives in subsequent elections for Speaker and can be certain to receive 100% of the Democrat vote in the upcoming election in January.   As there are 150 members of the house, it takes 75 votes plus 1 to elect the speaker.  There were 95 Republican members of the house in 2012-13.   It is expected that the Republicans will increase, or at least maintain this majority in the upcoming November election.  With this majority, the Republicans should easily have the power to elect conservative Scott Turner as speaker.  Unfortunately, it will take only 21 Republicans to join with the Democrat bloc of 55 to reelect Speaker Straus assuming that the balance in the house does not change after the November election.      

Speaker John Boehner Raises Cash for Openly Gay Republican Candidates Despite Conservative Opposition

 by Leonardo Blair, The Christian Post, 10/6/14

 Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, is making good on his vow to support gay GOP candidates in the name of inclusivity this week when he is expected to stump for openly gay Republican candidates Carl Demaio of California and Richard Tisei in Massachusetts.

 The Hill noted that Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage were among conservative organizations who sent a letter to Boehner, National Republican Congressional Committee

(NRCC) Chairman Greg Walden (Ore.) and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) protesting the support for DeMaio, Tisei, and Senate hopeful Monica Wehby of Oregon who is a supporter of abortion and gay marriage.

 "Carl DeMaio, Richard Tisei and Monica Wehby are antithetical to the Republican platform," the group of conservatives reportedly wrote. "Mr. DeMaio supports and aggressively advocates for the redefinition of marriage, and welcomed the judicial activism of the federal courts which stripped the people of California of their votes in support of maintaining marriage as the union of one man and one woman."

 (Excerpts:  Read more at The Christian Post)