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West Texans for Constitutionally-Limited Government

  Do you know what is going on in Austin?  What bills are being voted on?  How do they affect you?  Do you know who your representatives are?  Do you know how your representatives vote?  

Want to know?  

Visit to sign up for updates and keep informed on the bills and votes in the 84th session of the Texas Legislature.  

Please join us.  Unless otherwise noted, our meetings are held starting at 6:30 PM on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the West Texas Training Center (Howard College),  3501 N. US Highway 67, San Angelo 76905

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How to Create a Revolution  

Brett Rogers, a Texas grassroots organizer, will be our guest speaker February 10, 6:30 pm at the West Texas Training Center (Howard College),  3501 N. US Highway 67, San Angelo.  He will focus on what the founders and others did to change the world. Our system of government allows us to "revolutionize" by peaceful voting. How do we do this successfully? Mr.Rogers will answer that question with real examples and an easy plan.

Brett Rogers has a deep background in strategic planning, business, and political organization. He speaks all across Texas to educate people on how to take steps to accomplish goals that can ensure freedom for ourselves and our children. He has worked as a strategy consultant, in marketing, communication, IT, processes, and is very persistence.

Early Vote Texas provides strategic solutions for election victory. It provides a grassroots approach with a clear plan for record voter turnout and effective fundraising. It introduces some of the strategies necessary to win, but the real benefit comes from the training and materials provided in the Freedom Pool seminars. A Freedom Pool is a means of organizing for fundraising and voter turnout and was created by Brett Rogers.

The San Angelo Tea Party goal is to educate, motivate, and inspire our fellow citizens to actively participate in the political process. There are three basic principles that the San Angelo Tea Party believe. They are limited government, sovereignty of Texas and the United States of America, adhering to the original United States Constitution as written.

All meetings are open to the general public, everyone is welcome to attend.

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  "All political power is inherent in the  people, and all free governments are  founded on their authority, and  instituted for their benefit."

      (Texas Constitution Article 1, Section 2)


Every Tuesday of the legislative session, join the "Life, Liberty & Property Coalition" at 9am at the Capitol La Quinta learn how to effectively petition and interact with your government. No RSVP is required!

John McCain’s war on the Tea Party and grassroots conservatives is continuing in Arizona.  Reportedly, a McCain crony has improperly appointed over one hundred allies to party posts in crucial Maricopa County. Their goal is drive every Tea Party supporter out of the GOP! Here’s the story:



There were two items of discussion on social media today.

First was SB 342, Open Carry of Handguns which was referenced by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick at his press conference. He said he does not have the needed support for this bill to be considered. This  has set off a firestorm of criticism as this was part of his campaign platform.

The other is HB562  American Law for American Courts (ALAC). It has recently been revealed that Texas has a non profit group prescribing Sharia Law in the state of Texas. This bill will make it illegal for any law except American Law to be prescribed in the state in cases dealing with marriage and the parent/child relationship.

Before making a decision in support of or against, please take time to research the issues.  For full text of both bills, go to:

Then, please contact your legislators and let them know where you stand on these two pieces of legislation. They need to hear from you!!

For more information about Sharia Law ‘Islamic Tribunal’ Operating in Texas go to